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Category: UPS accessory / Model Name: NMC (Network Management Card-SNMP)

Model Number: NMC-01

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Check Alarm Code
  - Provide SNMP MIB and user defined MIB
  - Manage & Configure UPS via Web Browser or NMS
  - Configure NMC via Web Browser or serial COM port
  - Auto sense 10M/100M fast ethernet
  - Support TCP/IP stack; UDP, SNMP,Telnet, HTTP,SMTP,SSL
  - Support IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, DHCPv4/v6
  - Support SNMPv1,SNMPv3
  - Providing NMC utility,System Protect Software (SPS),Winpower,UPSwol(option)
  - Sending either SNMP TRAP, email for event notification, SMS via Winpower
  - Tesing remote computer with SPS shutdown function by submit test event via NMC web ui
  - Redundant UPS input shutdown support, SPS will shutdown server safety when the last one UPS can't supply power
  - RTC function supporting
  - Detect attached devices, EMP-Environment Monitoring Probe, automatically

Product Descriptions

NMC (Network Management Card) can receive the status information of UPS, and also can send commands to control UPS. User can manage UPS with NMC via web browser or via network management software which supports SNMP protocol. Once UPS output is abnormal or other events are touched off, NMC will protect server or client operating system being shut down safely by working with system protect software (SPS) that can be installed on various operating system. The conditions include: UPS output abnormal, UPS battery low, UPS overload, over temperature, schedule shutdown, etc. User can set the condition, once the event is touched off, NMC will inform SPS of the event and SPS will shut down operating system safely according to the setting of SPS.