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Category: STS - Source Transfer Switch / Model Name: Source Transfer Switch (STS 16)

Model Number: STS-16

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Check Alarm Code
  - Microprocessor control guaranty the reliabilty
  - User friendly with LCD & LED display with alarm buzzer
  - True RMS line voltage, Load Current and Watt display
  - Event Log with Real Time Clock stamp
  - Automatic or Manual Source Transfer function
  - Primary source selectable
  - Voltage Phase/Ground detection with alarm
  - Short Circuit Protection
  - Setup via LCD panel or SNMP Web interface
  - Setup input/output voltage range (+/-5,10,15,20,25%)
  - Setup Auto/Manual transfer while primary source power recover
  - Setup Auto recovery time delay after primay source power recover
  - Setup system time
  - Setup Load Alarm Level
  - Slim size design with only 1U for Rack 19"
  - Managament solution with RS232, RS485 or SNMP card via S/W SmartMonitor, Web, Mobus RTU, Network Node Manager

Product Descriptions

SmartPower Source Transfer Switch (STS), also known as the Redundant switch or Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) or Static Transfer Switch (STS), is a high availability switch that has two input power sources for each AC line, which provide a redundancy electrical power for equipment. The power source of STS can be from the same or different source of transformers. The STS is designed to supply an electric power for equipments from a primary source and once the primary source is outage, then the STS will automatically transfer an output power supply to the secondary source. The transfer time during the power source transfered is limited within the standard of the safty factor range and the switching occurs safely between the two input sources regardless of any phase differences. The STS unit have provided network connectivity (as optional), which allows for remote management through Web, SNMP or Telnet interfaces.

Robust & Reliability out-of-phase switching
SmartPower STS is designed to provide redundancy as close as possible to the equipment, The STS deploys a “Break Before Make” technology based on relays to prevent relay welding, so there is no cross-connection of sources, regardless of the phase between sources. In an event of a short-circuit, the STS ensures that the fault could not affect an alternative source, therefore you can ensure to have a fault-free power source.
*คลิกดูเทคนิค Source Transfer Switch (STS)

CapacityNorminal Current16 A
Input/Output Plug TypeNEMA 5-15 or IEC or Terminal Block or Power Plug Receptable 2P+E core
 Voltage range220 VAC (+/-5,10,15,20,25% selectable) 1 Phase
 Frequency50 Hz
Transfer TimeFrom Source 1 to Source 28-12 ms (To be requested for less)
IndicatorLCD & LEDTrue RMS Voltage, Current and Watt display, Input & Output Power Status, Event Log, Load Level, etc.
Protection Short Circuit ProtectionThermal Fuse Circuit Breaker
 Wiring faultCheck Phase and Ground; Fault Alarm
Audible AlarmOver LoadSounding every seconds
 Transfer to backup sourceSounding every 1.5 seconds
 Input Phase/Ground FaultLong Beep
DimensionWxDxH (mm)430x250x45
Communication PortRS232, RS485(MODBUS) or SNMP card
International Standard Complied standardISO9001, EN50091-1,EN50022/B, IEC1000-4