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Category: True Online Double Conversion / Model Name: Titanium Redundancy 15000 (TN-R15000)

Model Number: TN-R15000

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Check Alarm Code
  - N+X Parallel Redundancy Technology
  - Microprocessor Control Guarantees High Reliability
  - PWM Technology with IGBTs.
  - Power Capacity Expandable up to 3 times with 2+1 Parallel Redundancy configuration
  - DSP Technology
  - Wide Input Voltage Range
  - Cold Start Function
  - Maintenance Bypass Switch
  - Auto Self testing System while Turning on the UPS
  - Free of charge "WinPower" monitoring & controll S/W via LAN/WAN
  - Two-Step intelligent charging mode
  - Communication Ports Selectable: Smart RS-232, USB and Intelligent Slot for AS-400 and SNMP card
  - Automatic Bypass (Enable/Disable by S/W)
  - External Manual Bypass (Option)
  - CE Declaration of Conformity

Product Descriptions

Titanium Redundancy Series UPS make use of the unique true online double conversion circuitry to detect the electricity current and voltage output of utility power supply. The current is input via high frequency PWM to maintain uniform wave form and phase in line with the voltage, so as to attain high input power factor over to 0.95 and avoid generating comparatively significant harmonic interference on the power network. With the use of the outstanding IGBT as the power convertion component, the operating frequency of the Inverter of UPS is capable of reaching tens of KHz, due to the high frequency operating characteristics of IGBT. Higher working efficiency of the inverter also improves the overall efficiency of UPS and higher inversion frequency reduces the noise of the inverter as well. SmartPower "Your Smart Choice of UPS".
*คลิกดูเทคนิค N+X Parallel Redundancy

InputVoltage Range380 VAC +25% -20%
 Frequency Range50 +/- 10% Hz
 PhaseThree Phase with Ground
 Power Factor0.98
OutputVoltage Range220 +/- 1% VAC
 Frequency Range50 +/- 0.1% Hz
 Crest Factor3:1
 Harmonic Distortion<= 2% THD (Linear Load)
 Output Wave formPure Sine Wave
 OutletTerminal Block
 Overload Capacity60 minutes @ 105%-130%; 1s @ >130%
EfficiencyAC mode>89%
BatteryNumber of Battery20 pcs. or on requested
 Battery type12V/7A (Sealed Lead-Acid Maintenance Free with suspended electrolyte) or on requested
 Backup time>15 min (Depend on computer load)
 Recharge Time (to 90%)5-7 hrs.(Depend on charger)
Transfer TimeTransfer Time0 ms.
IndicatorLCD versionVoltage/Frequency/High-Low Voltage/Utility Present-Lost/%Watt/%VA/Overload/Short circuit/Load level/Battery Level/Low-Over charging/Discharging/Etc.
Audible AlarmBattery ModeSounding every 4 seconds
 Low BatterySounding every second
 OverloadSounding twice every second
 FaultContinuously Sounding
DimensionTower Case (WxDxH)mm269 x 570 x 717
WeightTower Case (kgs)38 ex.bat
EnvironmentOperation Environment0-40 C
 Relative Humidity0-95% (Non-Condensing)
 Noise Level<60dB @ 1 Meter
InterfaceSmart RS-232S/W supports Windows Family, Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Compaq True64, SGI IRIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX and MAC
 Smart Slot (Option)SNMP adapter / AS400 Relay Card / RS485 / USB
International Standard CELow Voltage Directive(Safety): EN62040-1-1, EMC Directive: EN62040-2, EN61000-2-2, EN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4, EN61000-4-5, EN61000-4-6, EN61000-4-8